/ 8.2.2016

Now dig a little bit deeper into the world of Standing Ovation with the comprehensive interview done by Prog Metal Zone here and the Finnish Inferno magazine here.

New T-shirts!

/ 28.1.2016

New t-shirts have arrived! Merch store will be opening soon. Until then we take all inquiries via email or Facebook inbox.

More gigs and new live pics!

/ 27.1.2016

Our record release party was a BLAST. Check the pics on the media page! New gigs also added so don't you go and miss us live!

New music video!

/ 4.11.2015

New album!

/ 14.10.2015

Gravity Beats Nuclear out now!

New guitar player!

/ 29.4.2015

See Samuli Federley shred away on Youtube! \m/

In the studio!

/ 28.3.2015

Check out how the progress of our next album goes on our Youtube page!! More will be added so stay tuned.

Preliminary track listing!

/ 16.9.2014

1. Permafrost
2. Lifeline
- Gravity Beats Nuclear - She - Methuselah
3. The Great Attractor
4. Run Little Mouse Run
5. Fool's Parade
6. Hellbillies
7. Killer, Iron
8. I Am

Studio booked!

/ 3.7.2014

Studio now booked for march. New album will see daylight sometime next summer!

New album in the making!

/ 3.3.2014

We are currently writing and composing our next album. The ground will shake in 2015!

Our new music video is finally here!

/ 28.8.2013

Upcoming gigs and live photos added!

/ 17.8.2013

Check out the live and the media pages! More will be added soon, so stay tuned!


/ 5.3.2013

Check out the instructions on our Facebook page!!

Music video coming up!

/ 2.3.2013

Yes indeed. We have started the making of our forthcoming music video. Yay!

Buy it digitally!

/ 9.12.2012

Nokia Music

Hitting the charts!

/ 11.11.2012

Standing Ovation hits the Finnish album charts on position 20! The Antikythera Mechanism also debuts on position 4 on Finnish Indie Charts!

Welcome to our brand new site!

/ 3.11.2012

The Antikythera Mechanism is now out!

Order it NOW and a musical adventure is guaranteed! Don't forget to check this amazing page out for dab rigs, water pipes and whatever kind of bong you like. Please enjoy a song from “The Antikythera Mechanism” by using the player on the right or by watching a video on our Youtube channel. Also check out other cool stuff that we have for you.

More will come as it goes!


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